December 5th 2020

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Counselling and Psychotherapy:
scope of application of Transactional Analysis
Christine Lister-Ford has written one of the most successful books on TA psychotherapy and counselling. She has placed to the forefront the need of students for clear and structured knowledge. This knowledge is not only about the aspect of the content, but also about the process: how to structure the first session, when it is necessary to put your energy into sustaining a relationship, when to encourage awareness, what the algorithm of completing one's long-term therapy is and how to address the last session. The forthcoming training session is to large extent based on Christine's book as well as aimed at raising a number of questions that still need to be cleared and that follow from the title of the book "TA skills in counselling and psychotherapy".
Be ready to discuss the following topics:
What is psychological counselling and did Berne know about it since he was a clinician?
What is TA-counselling and are there any TA aspects that are prerogative of either counselling or psychotherapy?
Apart from recognizing psychological counselling and psychotherapy as a kind of "art" what other principles Christine Lister-Ford's approach is based on?
Is there any difference between the 20th and the 21st century counselling?

Christine Lister-Ford will conduct a supervision for one of the participants to be randomly chosen among those who have place a request for one. You can place your request in the registration form below.
Within the framework of the forthcoming training Christine Lister-Ford has proposed to create a platform for opinion exchange between the British and the Russian counterparts. This is going to be the first experiment of the like. In connection to this we invite colleagues to place a preliminary request and express their desire to take part in this event. As for the technical aspect, after the main part of the program, you may stay another hour in the Zoom meeting and invite your Russian like-minded counterparts (or experts of the neighboring areas) to exchange their expertise. You can learn more about this novelty from our film, the link you can find below.

To support international discussion and collaboration colleagues are invited to share their professional experience with each other. Places are limited and this part of the day will not be hosted by a leader. It is free to participate. You can join the seminar for this hour only.
December 5th 2020

09.00 am - 01.00 pm
(London time)
If you are taking part in the experience exchange with the overseas colleagues, then be ready to take part in the seminar until 2pm

Online on Zoom

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Until December 1st – 6200 RUB

For participants of "TA Discussions" project – 5800 RUB

After December 1st – 6700 RUB

For participants of "TA Discussions" project – 6200 RUB

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Counselling and Psychotherapy: scope of application of Transactional Analysis
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Counselling and Psychotherapy: scope of application of Transactional Analysis

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