Dmitry Shustov
Doctor of medical science, professor, chair of the department of psychiatry of Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov.

Member of the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA), Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA-P) in "Psychotherapy", EATA Gold Medal winner (London, 2018). Defended 2 theses on diagnostics and psychotherapy of addictions and autoaggressive behavior in National Scientific Center of Narcology (Moscow).

2 Doctorate and 10 PhD Candidate dissertations were defended under the supervision of D.I. Shustov. Member of the editorial board of scientific journals "Questions of Narcology" and "Medical and Biological Newsletter named after academician I.P. Pavlov", expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Presidium of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists.

Author of 260 scientific works, 10 monographies among which are:

1) Autoaggression, suicide and alcoholism (Moscow, 2005)

2) Guide to clinical transactional analysis (Moscow, 2009)

3) Autoaggression and suicide with alcoholism (St. Petersburg, 2016)

4) Psychotherapy of alcohol addiction: guide for doctors (co-authored with O.D. Tuchina) (St. Petersburg, 2016)

5) Chapter "Psychotherapy": in the National Guidebook on Narcology (together with T.V. Agibalova, et al.) (Moscow, 2016)

6) Chapter in monography: Shustov D., Lester D. Counselling the client in crisis by letter // In CRISIS INTERVENTION AND COUNSELING BY TELEPHONE/ ED. BY David Lester. Second Ed: Charles C. Thomas Publ., Ltd.-SPRINGFILD, ILLINOIS, USA (2002).- Chapter 21, P.220-227

7) Chapter in monography: Shustov D.I., Tuchina O.D., Lester D. The Social Relationship of Suicidal Individuals: A Neglected Issue // Lester D. The End of Suicidology: Can We Ever Understand Suicide?- New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2019 (172 p).- Ch.14.- P. 127-133

Articles in scientific journals:

8) Schustov D., Lester D. Counseling the suicidal client by letter // Crisis-1999.-Vol.20, №3.-P.127-131

9) Shustov D.I. Biographies and Scripts // EATA Newsletter.- Oct.2014, №111.-P. 9-11

10) Shustov D.I., Tuchina O.D., Novikov S.A., Fedotov I.A. Combinations of Injunctions and Personality Types Determining Forms of Self-Destructive Behaviour in Alcohol-Dependent Clients: Findings of a Russian Observational Study // International Journal of Transactional Analysis Reseach.-2016.-Vol.7,№2.- P. 10-20

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12) Shustov DI, Tuchina OD, Agibalova TV., Zuikova NL. States of Self as Agents of Self-Killing: An Egogram-based Suicide Note Analysis Study in Russia // International Journal of Transactional Analysis Reseach and Practice.- 2018 June.-Vol.9,№1.-P. 5-22

13) Shustov DI, Tuchina OD: "Theodora" Way Station: How The Psychological Concept of Life Script Mirrors Neurocognitive Memory of the Future // Transactional Analysis Journal, (2019), DOI: 10.1080/03621537.2019.1650230