August 1, 2020
Two TSTAs will meet at one online venue
A former student and a trainer. Currently two winners of the EATA Gold medal.
Isabelle Crespelle
Dmitry Shustov
(You can read about the trainers by clicking on the photo)
Discussion on the topic of:
Transactional Analysis
Fanita English
Observation model for therapists
(well in advance each participant will get an article by Isabelle Crespelle titled An Active Observation Model for Therapists in Training // TAJ )

Isabelle Crespelle and Dmitry Shustov will conduct a discussion and talk over some aspects of Transactional Analysis. They will touch upon the topic of contracts that our TA is famous for, contracts, that Isabelle is so easy, deep and faithful to make. They will also discuss an observation model for therapists. Isabelle will give us informations about Fanita English’s life and works with whom she is keeping warm and close relationship. A therapist in the audience chosen randomly will be able to receive supervision from Isabelle. And we will be lucky to watch a master doing her job.

Start August 1, 2020
13:00 Paris time and 14:00 Moscow time
The duration of the workshop will be 4 hours
The discussion will be held in Russian and French, with an interpreter

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Dmitri Shustov:
« Isabelle taught me to follow the contract, see the difference between the process of psychotherapy and its content (She would ask: “What did you want to say when you said this?”), feel and understand dual transactions and advanced my technique of “soft imperative” up to the level of “iron hand in a velvet glove”. Since “words are needed to disguise thoughts”, Isabelle taught me to take down words after clients and students and confront passiveness, resting upon accurate records. It was Isabelle who showed me “work of emotions” in the unmediated body contact with the client, a masterful supervision technique, as well as gave me an abundance of permissions and one of the main ones – to overcome internal ambivalence and gain confidence.»

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