Jennifer (Jennie) McNamara
Jennifer (Jennie) McNamara, B.A., C.S.S., Psychologist, Educator and Supervisor (TSTA (P)), Co-Leader of the Northern Guild of Psychotherapists UK (Newcastle). She graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, the third after Cambridge and Oxford - Durham University. At TA, Jennie is a student of the famous Petruska Clarkson, the founder of the London Institute of TA - Metanoia.

Jennie is one of the first trainers to whom the Russian TA community owes its appearance and prosperity, she is the teacher of Tatyana Sizikova (TSTA) and Dmitry Shustov (TSTA). In Russia, Jennie has conducted trainings in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ryazan, Rostov-on-Don, Kislovodsk.

What is Jennie's strength and talent? Jennie is a therapist from God (her family roots can be traced back to one of the Catholic bishops of the Reformation, who suffered from Henry VIII - known from the legend as "Bluebeard"), her soft and charming voice seems to come from her chest and fills the interlocutor with light and warmth, and communication patterns and opportunities to express compassion create a long-standing belief, a long-standing therapeutic bond in the most rebellious or caring-rejection depressed clients.